59th Annual Conference of Indian Society of Gastroenterology

28th November - 1st December 2018
Lulu Bolgatty International Convention Centre, Kochi, Kerala


Days Timings Luminal- Hall 1 Endoscopy- Hall 2 Liver- Hall 3 Parallel Sessions  
Day 1 08:00-09:00 GE CLINIC
09:00-09:20 Presidential address
09:20-09:45 PN Chuttani Oration
09:45-10:10 CM Habibullah Oration
10:10-11:10 Plenary (Paper 1-6: 8+2 Minutes)
11.10-12:10 YIA (Paper 1-6: 8+2 Minutes)     Parallel Session 1 ANBIG
12.10-13:00 ISG Zydus oration: Panel discussion How to take care of high burden of GI diseases in India State of Art lecture: LAMS in GI disease   State of the art lecture: EUS guided tissue acquisition future trends Endoscopic management of pancreatic fluid collection: What is optimum NAFLD - Therapy beyond weight loss   NASH: Standard of care in 2018   Newer strategies in NASH: Which way is the wind blowing   Lean NAFLD: Indian scenario AC Anand FMT in liver diseases
13:00-14:00 Lunch
14:00-15:00 Concept of IBD Comprehensive care Biologicals: India specific Issues Anti-integrins in IBD EUS guided liver biopsy in diffuse liver disease: Evidence based practice   CEUS/ EUS Elastography: Does it really change your practice   Endoscopic gall bladder drainage   Ampullectomy: indications and technical challenges Symposium: Hepatitis C Virus   Chronic hepatitis C: Newer drugs and treatment schedule in Indian perspective   Treatment of HCV related cirrhosis, and non-responders to DAAs   Incidentally detected asymptomatic HCV infection: Natural history and way forward Parallel Session 2 EUS-SIG (Asian EUS)  
15:00-16:00 Symposium: GI Bleeding   Anti-platelets, ant-coagulating agents in patients with GI bleeding: What to stop, when to start?   Peptic ulcer bleeding: Best practices in 2018   Radiological intervention in GI bleeding Endoscopy: Basics   Sedation for basic and advanced endoscopy: What is safe and effective? Anaesthetist   Reporting of endoscopic findings – what is the optimum?   Quality assurance in endoscopy Cirrhosis and complications Sarcopenia in cirrhosis: Management of AKI in cirrhosis Blood product transfusion in cirrhosis: Risks and benefits   Pulmonary complications of cirrhosis: diagnosis and management
  16:00-17:00 GERD Indian Guidelines on GERD   Management strategies and surveillance in Barrett’s esophagus   Surgical option in GERD: When and what Post graduate session in endoscopy How I do it –Video lecture   WOPN-EUS guided drainage   Large balloon biliary sphinteroplasty G-POEM EUS guided pancreatic duct interventions EUS guided gastroenterostomy EUS guided fiducial implantation   Liver disease in India Burden of liver disease in India   How to decrease burden of liver disease in India   Panel discussion  
17:00-18:00 Medicolegal issues   Colonoscopy   Best practices of safe colonoscopy   Large colonic polyp resection - EMR/ESD/UEMR   Rectal EUS: Relevance in clinical practice    
  08:00-09:00 Interview the Icons
  Day 2 09:00-10:00     Issues in Pediatric Gastroenterology   Transition from pediatric clinic to adult clinic Panel discussion   Bowel evacuation disorders in children   Challenges in early onset IBD Symposium on Challenges in ERCP   Enhancing biliary and pancreatic duct Cannulation: success and safety   Biliary drainage in altered anatomy enhancing success:   Management of difficult CBD Stones –tools and tricks?   Malignant Hilar Strictures: when to step in Liver Clinic  
10:00-10:35     ISG guidelines on diagnosis and management of H pylori     State of the art lectures Endoscopic innovations: Thinking outside of the box   PEOM: Ticks of the trade for the beginner   Neuroendocrine tumors of stomach and duodenum – optimal management Symposium: Acute liver failure CRRT in ALF and ACLF Ammonia lowering therapy in ALF   Plasma exchange in ALF and ACLF: When and what are the results   Outcomes and complexities of liver transplantation in ALF
10:35-11:00 State of Art lecture Clostridium difficile infection: pathophysiology, diagnosis, new guidelines on therapy, novel treatments, immunity and immunization
    11:00-12:00   Symposium: Issues in IBD: CMV in IBD: Unresolved issues FMT in IBD Therapeutic drug monitoring Diet as therapy in IBD     Complications in Endoscopy   GERD X – techniques and evidence:   Leaks and fistulas in GIT – stent, clips, suture or more ?   Symposium: Autoimmune liver diseases   Management of autoimmune hepatitis: Corticosteroids or Budesonide   Management of AIH: Special situations (Decompensated cirrhosis, Pregnancy and elderly   Seronegative autoimmune hepatitis: Diagnosis and management   Overlap syndromes – how to approach     Parallel Session 3 PG Clinic     Parallel Session 4 Pathology
12:00-13:00 Symposium on Acute Pancreatitis   Early inflammatory events and mediators in acute pancreatitis: Lessons from mouse and humans   Fluid management in early days after onset of pain   Respiratory complications in acute pancreatitis: Assessment and management   Deep journey of the bowel   Radiological evaluation of small intestine   Small bowel endoscopy: Push/Balloons/spiral/capsule: How to choose?   Small bowel bleeding: Realistic approach in clinical practice Symposium on ACLF   ACLF patients awaiting transplant: Options for bridge therapy   Newer treatment strategies for treatment of Hepatic encephalopathy in ACLF:   Liver transplantation in multiorgan failure   ACLF: Can we predict and prevent it
13:00-14:00 Lunch Break
    14:00-15:00 Functional GI Diseases   Functional dyspepsia: State of Art in 2018   Choosing drugs for chronic constipation: Which and when?   Overlap between functional and psychological diseases: Impact on the management   What is new in endoscopy which is likely to change the practice?   EUS guided vascular interventions: Fact or Fancy   State of Art Lecture: Tricks to predict and detect early mucosal cancers in the GI Tract   Symposium: Hepatitis  B  Virus Prevention of perinatal HBV transmission: Vaccine, immunoglobulin or drugs HBV: Newer strategies for eradication How should we follow CHB after SVR   Parallel Session 4 Research  Methodology  
15:00-16:00   Colorectal polyp and cancer in India Debate   Colorectal polyp screening required in India:   Colorectal polyp screening: not required in India   How to implement a GI cancer screening program on a national basis   Pediatric Endoscopy Challenges of endoscopy in children - are we well equipped?   Small bowel evaluation in a child –what is optimal   POEM in children – do we have evidence ? EUS in pediatric practice Challenges of liver transplantation   Liver transplantation for HCV cirrhosis in the DAA era   High MELD patients: When is transplant futile?   Livers with steatosis can be used for live donation   Deceased donor liver transplant in India: The hurdles and way forward
16:00-17:00     Intestinal failure   Concept of intestinal functions and failure   CIPO: When to suspect and how to proceed   Short bowel syndrome: Nutritional management Endoscopic resections   ESD in in gastric neoplasia: the technique How to make ESD/EMR safer Z-POEM: The technique   Hepatology In Childern   Approach to Metabolic Liver Diseases relevant to Adult Gastroenterologists   Approach and recent advances in management of pediatric cholestatic liver disorders   Management of Hepatitis B and C in children in 2018   Management of EHPVO: Not just about    
17:00-18:30   GBM GBM      
  Day 3 08:00-09:00 Endoscopy clinic Endoscopy clinic Endoscopy clinic    
09:00-10:00 Update on Chronic pancreatitis   Can acute pancreatitis progress to chronic pancreatitis?   Surgery in chronic pancreatitis: Who, When, and How?   Can we prevent the progression of disease in chronic pancreatitis: Role of Precision Medicine Training in Endoscopy Panel discussion Endoscopy Training in 2018: Ways and Means   Quality of endoscopy Accreditation and relicensing Day to day management in cirrhosis   Management of insomnia and anxiety disorder in cirrhosis? What’s new?   Portal vein thrombosis in cirrhosis: When and How to treat   Muscle cramps in cirrhosis   Umbilical and inguinal hernia in cirrhotic patients    
10:00–11:00   Symposium: Celiac disease   Diagnosis of celiac disease   Celiac disease not responding to gluten free diet: Evaluation and management   New, non-dietary, treatment for celiac disease: why and how? Potpourri of Endoscopy   Confocal endomicroscopy: Current clinical applications   Tricks to remove difficult foreign body in GIT Endoscopic management of GAVE Common issues in liver diseases Treating tuberculosis in cirrhosis Invasive fungal infection in cirrhosis Hyponatremia in cirrhosis Therapy of spontaneous bacterial peritonitis in the era of antibiotic resistance
11:00-12:00 State of art lectures: 11   What’s new in Pancreas- The Common and The Uncommon   Evaluation of a pancreatic head mass   Groove pancreatitis: Diagnosis, Clinical course and management   Panel Discussion on acute pancreatitis: Management of suspected infected pancreatic necrosis Issues In Hepatology   LI-RADs: primer for clinicians   Panel discussion   Risk assessment in chronic liver disease and surgical clearance Surgeon Anesthesia Hepatologist     Parallel Session 5 Equip  2018 Technicians and Nurses program  
    12:00-13:00   Tumor Board Panel discussion Integration of medical, surgical, Oncology Carcinoma gallbladder   Societal responsibility of Gastroenterologists   State of art lectures   Endoscopy in patients with malabsorption   Endoscopy scoring for IBD: How to use and which one to choose   Optimizing polypectomy techniques Alcohol and The Liver   Management of alcoholic hepatitis: beyond steroids   Deaddiction strategy in chronic alcoholics Psychiatrist   Providing optimum nutrition in a patient with cirrhosis  
13:00-14:00 Lunch Break
    14:00-15:00   Panel discussion Women Initiative in Gastroenterology Management of perianal fistula beyond biologics   What is new in Endoscopy?   Endoscopy in metabolic diseases: Is it the way forward   Endoscopic ablation of neoplasms Liver Session What is new in liver, which is likely to change practice   Granulomatous liver disease: Beyond tuberculosis: How far to go before   Anti-viral drugs in acute hepatitis: When and where    
  15:00-16:00   Day to day practice in Gastroenterology   Proctalgia fugax   Drug induced diarrhea Fecal incontinence and biofeedback: Approach to terminal ileal stricture Medical Surgical Interface Symposium on HCC    
16:00-17:00 Valedictory